Charity Work In Ghana

PRV staff head to Ghana


Volunteer Work in Africa

The country of Ghana is an intensely colourful land on the west coast of Africa but it also one of the most under developed countries in Africa. This November, Christina Hoary and Liz Lowson, work colleagues at Portumna Retirement Village head to Ghana to work as volunteers with some of the poorest and under privileged people on the planet.

Over a period of two weeks they will work in harsh conditions, extreme heat, with poor water supply, unpredictable electricity and poor communications systems.

Chris and Liz plan to work in very rural areas sharing their skills with local people and other volunteer and community workers while assisting with projects to improve the lives of the people there.

Both are currently fund raising for the project and their aim is to raise sufficient funds in the coming months to enable them to make a real difference to people in real need.

Both staff and residents at Portumna Retirement Village are very proud of them both and wish them well.