Complaints Procedure

At Portumna Retirement Village, despite best efforts, it is recognised that on occasion we will make mistakes and when this happens it is important that residents and their representatives are aware of how to complain and to whom.

All complaints (from residents, relatives, or visitors) are treated seriously and are dealt with promptly and effectively. We endeavour to assist all residents to understand this complaints procedure and if necessary, will assist them in finding an advocate who will support them in making the complaint.


  • Complaints may be submitted by residents, their relatives, or advocates (verbally or in writing). Should a complainant make a complaint verbally, they may if they wish follow up with a more formal written complaint.


  • Complaints can be addressed to any member of staff who will report to the Care Manager, Mary Herron, who is the nominated person for dealing with complaints.


  • If the complaint refers to the staff member the complaint is reported to, or the senior member of staff who it is then reported to, it may be referred to the General Manager, Peter Feerick.


  • If at any time, a resident feels that he/she wishes to have an advocate to assist them, then one can be appointed.

    • Fr Michael Byrnes is available to act as an advocate for any resident or relative. He can be contacted directly at 087 622 7468.

    • Galway Advocacy Service can be contacted as an independent advocate on 091 528325.

    • SAGE (Support and Advocacy for Older People) can be contacted on 1850 71 94 00

    • PAS (Patient Advocacy Service) can be contacted on 0818 293003


  • Complaints will be investigated promptly but if a complaint cannot be resolved immediately, then the complainant will be advised of the likely timescale as to how long an investigation and resolution may take, and we will endeavor to have the complaint resolved within thirty working days. If for any reason that timeframe cannot be met, the complainant will be advised of the reasons why.

  • If the complaint remains unresolved the complaint will then be addressed to the General Manager, Peter Feerick and he will investigate the complaint.


  • All complaints will be notified to the Registered Provider, Tony Williams.


  • On resolution of any complaint, we will revert to the complainant with the outcome, if necessary, in writing, (all written complaints will be responded to in writing and occasion, it may be deemed more appropriate to respond to a verbal complaint in writing). The response will inform the complainant of the outcome, the reasons for that decision, any improvements made as a result of the complaint, and details of the Appeals Procedure if the complainant is not satisfied.

  • Appeals/Review Procedure –Internal

  • Where a complaint has been responded to by Portumna Retirement Village that is not satisfactory to the complainant, then he/she will have to option to appeal the decision or actions. If the resolution has been issued by the Care Manager, it may be appealed to the General Manager.

  • In the event the resolution has been issued by the General Manager, then the complainant has a choice. They may appeal to the General Manager for re-consideration, (and will receive a written response within twenty days) or they may submit a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman


  • Appeals/Review Procedure –External

If the complainant is unhappy with the way the complaint has been dealt with or the outcome of the complaint, or the outcome of the appeal, they may contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman provides an impartial, independent, and free service.

You may contact the Office of the Ombudsman by:

6 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, D02 W773